I practice the craft of writing.

I never set out to write—I went to Bible college and seminary thinking I'd become a pastor or a professor of some ilk. But here I am, and, by the grace of the God who leads me, here I'll stay. 

Other people's stories drive me. A passion writhes in my chest to put onto paper the slices of life that make people extraordinary. So I write them. But I also want to tell the story of the greatest Narrator of all time. His story spans eons, and we all have a small chapter in it. I hope to weave these two narratives together—yours and mine, and the great Storyteller's. 

And, for the sake of credibility, I have a B.A. in Old Testament Hebrew from Moody Bible Institute, and a Th.M. with a dual emphasis in Biblical Theology and Old Testament from Dallas Theological Seminary. I pay the bills working as a Christian media publisher, and pay for the other parts of life by freelancing as a memoirist and screenwriter. One evening out of each week, I also help teach up-and-coming writers at my grad school.